Tesla's official second-hand cars were identified as being involved in an accident. The owner applied for compensation of three times the purchase price and won the first trial.

According to the news released today by Tesla rights defender Han Chao on his Weibo account, he won the first instance judgment in the second-hand accident car rights dispute with Tesla.

According to Han Chao, the owner of the rights defender, he purchased an officially certified second-hand car from Tesla’s official website on June 5, 2019. The model was Model S P85. At the time of purchase, the sales promised that there were no major accidents, bubbles, fires, or structural damage to the Tesla certified car.

On the evening of August 24, 2019, when the owner was driving the car on the highway, the brakes and throttle were completely paralyzed, and five fault codes appeared. Subsequently, the owner tested the vehicle with a local authoritative inspection agency in Tianjin, and the result showed that the C-pillar and rear fender of the vehicle were cut and welded, which belonged to structural repair. After requesting a replacement of a safe vehicle unconditionally, Tesla refused, and the owner filed a lawsuit.

🔗 Source: Sina Weibo@特斯拉维权车主-韩潮

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