SAIC Group creates pure electric vehicle project "Zhiji Auto".

With the continuous development of electrification and intelligence in the automotive industry, the “national team” has joined the new force in vehicle manufacturing. On November 26, SAIC Motor Group announced its collaboration with the Shanghai Pudong New Area government and Alibaba Group to officially launch the high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle project “IM Motors”, which will be based in Zhangjiang Intelligent Park in Pudong New Area. This project is also the first automotive technology start-up company in China to reach a billion-dollar level in its initial round of funding.

“IM” is derived from the book of changes, meaning that wisdom is used to thoroughly manage everything. “IM Motors” implies the creation of a new era of intelligent transportation that seeks to harmonize the relationship between human and vehicle. SAIC Motor Group stated that “IM Motors” will leverage the world-class high-tech industry clusters in Zhangjiang High-tech Park, as well as AI, chip and other core technology resources, and the synergies of the global Internet giant Alibaba’s user data, the latest technologies from DAMO Academy, and Alibaba Cloud, to seize the first-mover advantage in the global intelligent automotive field.

Currently, the high-end new energy vehicle brand ARCFOX of BAIC Group has launched its first mass-produced SUV, ARCFOX αT, for pre-sale; GAC Group’s GAC Aion is dedicated to providing world-class mobile intelligent new energy products and services; Dongfeng Group has created the high-end intelligent SUV brand, Voyah Automobile; Changan Automobile has joined forces with Huawei and CATL to create a new energy high-end brand. In the face of market development and competition, independent car brands are laying out in the high-end market and accelerating their transformation and development.

🔗Source: SAIC Motor Group

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