NIO's delivery volume exceeded 5,000 units in October, setting a new record for monthly deliveries among new energy vehicle brands.

NIO announced that it delivered a total of 5,055 new vehicles in October, with the delivery breakdown by vehicle model as follows:

  • ES6: 2,695
  • EC6: 883
  • ES8: 1,477

Compared to September, the October delivery volume increased by 7.4%, and compared to the same period last year, it increased by 100.1%.

Although the month-over-month data was not particularly eye-catching, the fact that the delivery volume exceeded 5,000 units is impressive, especially since there were 8 days of the National Day holiday in October.

In fact, it was not unexpected that the October delivery volume exceeded 5,000. On October 13th, NIO officially cancelled its free battery replacement policy, and at the same time, the Shanghai government issued a new vehicle restriction policy, which greatly benefited new energy vehicles.

Therefore, for NIO, it has already entered a stage where it doesn’t need to worry about orders. The orders for EC6 have been scheduled until February next year, and more constraints are in the Hefei factory.

According to the data disclosed in the previous quarter’s financial report, the production capacity of the factory has increased from 15 JPH to 20 JPH in a single shift, and the monthly production capacity is around 4,000 to 5,000 vehicles.

Although NIO’s orders have been growing steadily, the production strategy within NIO is still relatively conservative, and it has not yet switched from a single shift to a double shift.

It is worth mentioning that the delivery volume of ES8 has been stable at around 1,500 units for several consecutive months. This car is not only the most expensive domestically produced new energy vehicle but also the best-selling model.

After the sales stabilization of ES8, it will greatly benefit NIO’s gross margin.

According to NIO’s plan at the beginning of the year, NIO’s gross profit in the fourth quarter will reach double digits. Based on the current sales volume, this is already an achievable goal for NIO.

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