Tesla recalls a total of 29,193 Model S and Model X vehicles due to safety issues.

National Administration for Market Regulation issued:

From now on, Tesla will recall a total of 29,193 imported Model S and Model X vehicles produced between September 17, 2013 and August 16, 2017. In this total number of recalled vehicles, there are 19,249 Model S vehicles produced between September 17, 2013 and January 15, 2018.

Some of the vehicles in the recall range may experience initial cracks in the rear suspension linkage bolts of the front suspension system when subjected to significant external impacts. If the vehicles continue to be used, the cracks may extend and lead to the breakage of the linkage bolts, posing safety risks. In some extreme cases, the ball joint studs may come off from the steering knuckle, affecting the vehicle’s handling and increasing the risk of accidents.

Vehicles within the scope of the recall will have their left and right rear suspension links replaced free of charge with improved ones.

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