Added mileage statistics for assisted driving, the Ideall ONE V1.4 car system version will be released soon.

On October 19th, Ideal released version 1.4 of the OTA content and plans to start pushing this version of the vehicle software to users from October 20th.

This upgrade includes more than 20 optimizations. The most impressive addition is the statistics of assisted driving mileage, which allows Ideal ONE users to not only see the usage mileage of assisted driving, but also the usage time. By placing this data alongside the total mileage and total travel time of the vehicle, car owners can more intuitively know the level of their assisted driving usage and can provide more persuasive data when recommending assisted driving to friends.

However, from the picture above, it is unclear whether it is possible to see the usage rate of each trip.

Other optimizations for assisted driving include improving the steering wheel torque required for LKA to enter the pause state, optimizing LKA punishment mechanisms, adjusting it to be enabled after shifting to P-gear, optimizing the warning strategy for releasing hands while in LKA mode, extending detection time and avoiding frequent alarms.

Other upgraded parts include the addition of a car polishing mode, and the support for Bluetooth links to iPad devices. For more details, please click the link.

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