Tesla Model S price drops again by 23,000 yuan.

Model 3 has just reduced its price recently, and so has Model S.

This price cut mainly applies to the Long Range version and the Performance high-performance version.

  • The Long Range version has dropped from its original price of 756,900 yuan to 733,900 yuan, a reduction of 23,000 yuan;
  • The Performance high-performance version has dropped from its original price of 856,900 yuan to 833,900 yuan, also a reduction of 23,000 yuan.

Although Model S has been reduced in price, Model X has not. According to the number of insurance policies released in September, the number of Model X insured reached 1977 units, while looking back at the sales volume of Model S in the past, it was mostly in the tens of units per month. So, is this price reduction meant to stimulate Model S sales?

A reduction of 23,000 yuan is quite significant for the level of Model 3, but I wonder if potential Model S buyers will feel indifferent about this amount.

Before the price cut:

After the price cut:

Source: Tesla Official Website

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