Ideal ONE's September insurance registration surpassed NIO ES6, making it the top-selling new energy SUV in terms of insurance registration.

The insurance data for new-energy SUVs released in September in China shows that the top three models are:

  • Li Auto ONE, with 3830 insured vehicles
  • NIO ES6, with 3271 insured vehicles
  • BYD Tang DM, with 2001 insured vehicles

As the saying goes, September and October are the best months to buy a car. The sales performance of each brand was quite good in September. Among the new-energy SUVs, Li Auto ONE ranked first with 3830 insured vehicles, which was a significant increase of 41.3% compared to 2710 insured vehicles in August. This was also the first time for the Li Auto ONE to top the sales chart for new-energy SUVs.

The number of insured NIO ES6 vehicles in September was 3271, an increase of 15.4% compared to 2835 insured vehicles in August. It can be said that the sales growth was steady. In addition, the delivery of the EC6 has started this month. After the production capacity is increased, it will be interesting to compare the sales of the EC6 and ES6.

The number of insured BYD Tang DM vehicles in September was 2001, which showed a sudden increase. The reason is most likely due to the stimulation brought by the updated version. The sales growth momentum is similar to that of the Tang second-generation model when it was first launched. It remains to be seen whether this growth trend can be sustained.

Another interesting phenomenon in the sales chart is that the number of insured vehicles for cheaper models is not as good as those for higher-priced models. Moreover, there is a large gap between the top two models and the third model. What do you think will be the trend of this phenomenon?

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email