The policy support for the separation mode of vehicle and electricity has arrived. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will encourage enterprises to develop battery swapping.

On September 11th, according to the report from CaiLian Press, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will mobilize local governments to formulate relevant policies, establish pilot projects to promote the development of the industry, and support and encourage companies to carry out research and development and production of electric vehicles with swappable batteries.

Previously, on August 17th, the recommended national standard GB/T “Safety requirements for swapping electric vehicle batteries” was reviewed and passed, which was drafted by leading companies such as Beijing Automotive New Energy, NIO, and China Automotive Technology and Research Center. This is the first national standard in China related to safety requirements for swapping electric vehicle batteries. From the perspective of uniform industry standards, it seems that the country’s direction on battery swapping policy can be inferred.

To accelerate the development of battery swapping, recently, led by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, 20 units including SAIC, FAW, NIO, and CATL signed the “Joint Declaration on Building the Battery Swapping Mode Ecological Circle for New Energy Vehicles” to establish the battery swapping mode ecological circle. The development of the battery swapping mode requires the joint participation of multiple parties, and these companies cover new energy vehicle companies, battery suppliers, and operation and maintenance companies of battery swapping stations.

Regarding the battery swapping mode, some car companies have already taken early action. NIO was the first to launch the BaaS plan, set up a battery asset company, and currently owns 147 battery swapping stations nationwide. XPeng has also launched a “battery rental plan” pilot in some cities. It can be foreseen that more companies will participate in this.

Today, the mobilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology indicates that the battery swapping mode will receive comprehensive policy support.

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