Xiaopeng Motors had 2,703 insurance registrations in August, with 2,033 for the P7 model.

Recently, according to the insured numbers released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), the number of Xpeng cars insured in August was 2703, of which 2033 were Xpeng P7 and 670 were Xpeng G3.

Here are the data of several cars that everyone cares about:

Yesterday, when I saw the data from the China Passenger Car Association, I didn’t see the Xpeng P7. I guessed blindly that the number of P7 should not exceed 2000. However, today it turns out otherwise. I asked why the P7 did not appear in the list and was told that Xpeng did not report the data to the China Passenger Car Association.

Many people may ask why new automakers like to report delivery and insured numbers, while traditional car companies report more China Passenger Car Association data. Here is our analysis.

Delivery volume is generally the monthly delivery data that the automaker counts itself, while insured number is the data of new car insurance. This data can better show how much the automaker actually sold, and generally does not differ much from the delivery volume. We also recommend that you pay more attention to this data.

The sales data of China Passenger Car Association will be more favorable for traditional automakers with a dealership system, because automakers only need to give the vehicle to the dealer, and even if it has not been sold, it will be counted in the sales volume, resulting in certain inaccuracies.

After Ideanomics and NIO successively announced the delivery data of August, everyone has been waiting for the delivery data of Xpeng in August, but there has been no news yet. Here we can explain that due to Xpeng completing listing at the end of August, the August delivery data of Xpeng will be in a quiet period according to the rules of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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