Tesla is hiring again. The company is building a video game development team for its Texas factory in the United States.

Recently, Tesla plans to recruit game developers at its Austin factory in Texas, establishing a new team focusing on video games, software, and user interfaces.

The newly released job postings include positions such as electronic game engineer for information entertainment software, mobile software engineer, vehicle user interface software engineer, and information entertainment rendering engineer, etc. By reading the job descriptions, it can be noticed that the new team Tesla is forming at the Austin factory not only includes personnel who work on video games, but also those who work on other aspects of Tesla’s entertainment system.

In order to make its cars as fun as possible, Tesla has introduced video game experiences into its cars, improving user experience and adding fun. Tesla has already established a video game team in Bellevue, which has launched a video game platform called Tesla Arcade for cars. Tesla is continuously injecting games into the platform through the development of the video game team.

It can be predicted that after the internet ecosystem of the vehicles is continuously improved, Tesla may obtain additional revenue by selling third-party online music, Internet video, etc.

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