Shocking news: BYD Han's reverse charging power has reached up to 60 kW.

In the user manual of BYD Han, an impressive performance data was found. The rated power output of Han for external use is up to 60 kW.

What does this mean? For comparison, the rated power discharge of the WM EX-5 is 6 kW. In other words, Han can provide theoretical charging speed to other vehicles that is ten times that of EX-5 for charging other vehicles.

Additionally, it should be noted that Han is already capable of bidirectional charging, which no longer requires charging guns and sockets like that of Song EV. It’s a bit like using a double Type-C charging cable and it’s more convenient to use.

One of my colleagues commented, “Why didn’t BYD mention these impressive features at the press conference? Are they keeping them to celebrate the Chinese New Year?”

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email